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Bloodborne Running on PS5 at 60fps is a glimpse of an unattainable update

Of all the games that could benefit from a next-generation update, From Software’s Bloodborne may be one of the most in demand. PS4-exclusive 2015 may not get it from the developers, but it seems that someone has managed to make it work on a PS5 with improved performance.

According to Digital Foundry, an unknown party has managed to take existing work done to Bloodborne on PS4, and managed to get the game running at (almost) flawless 60 fps on PS5 in 1080p. The version was verified by Digital Foundry and is probably running a development kit for the console, although the publication failed to play build personally.

This new iteration branches off from the work done by Lance McDonald. He previously managed to inject performance improvements from software added to Dark Souls 3 in Bloodborne, and improved the game’s locked frame rate to 60 FPS while achieving a stable frame rate of 720p. The mode only ran on PS4 consoles that could accept unsigned code, making it difficult to play even after the update was released publicly.

Digital Foundry went a step further with the PS5 footage it was offered, using AI upscaling to predict what a potential PS5 patch might look like. The upscaling sharpens much of Bloodborn’s aging visual images without damaging the striking art direction of the game. Unfortunately, this may be our only look at such a change, since From Software has given no indication that it plans to release a PS5 update.

Given the age of Bloodborne, it may already be too far for a patch to make a difference without significant work, especially since From Software has already patched its newer releases or allowed them to run at unlocked frame rates (like Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice). From the software’s upcoming title is Elden Ring, which is set to launch on Xbox Series X | S, PS5 and PC.

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