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Black PS5 sale ends in disaster, as all orders are canceled due to ‘threats from staff’

The launch of a series of custom black PlayStation 5 consoles ended in disaster this weekend, when third-party company SUP3R5 canceled all orders due to alleged threats to staff after it was sold out.

Around 300 of the long-awaited consoles, which have a custom design based on PlayStation 2, were sold to North American customers on Friday, at a price of $ 649- $ 200 more than the regular PlayStation 5 RRP.

Not surprisingly, given the continued demand for Sony’s console, the black PS5s sold out in less than 20 minutes – and they probably would have done so much faster had it not been for significant technical issues on SUP3R5’s website as it struggled to cope with demand.

The company issued a statement Friday night saying it was “embarrassed”

; by the way the North American launch went, with some customers reporting that they were charged for their orders without receiving confirmation that they had secured a console.

The sale of a custom black PS5 has been canceled.

A large number of black PS5 consoles also began appearing on retailer sites such as eBay, with users asking for thousands of dollars, although SUP3R5 said it would cancel them.

SUP3R5 insisted it would repay those who had been charged incorrectly and promised to do better with its international launch, which it delayed from Saturday until later in the month.

However, just hours after this announcement, the company announced that they were canceling all orders and issuing refunds due to the team allegedly receiving “credible threats to their security.”

“Last night, our team began receiving credible threats to their security,” the company said in a statement. “We take these threats seriously. We are not willing to risk the team’s safety and well-being, or the potential impact this will have on delivering your order. ”

It added: “All existing bookings will be canceled and refunded within the next few days. You will receive a notification when this happens.

“We thought this would be a fun way to celebrate a shared nostalgia. As it turns out, there are people out there who are willing to get involved. If we find that it is safe to try again, we will do so. For now, rest assured. ”

The news was predictably met with frustration by those who had managed to buy a console, with many customers accusing SUP3R5 of fraudulent tactics (however, there is no evidence of bad gaming).

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So far, Sony has not committed to releasing PS5 consoles or custom color options, although some other third-party companies have promised their own solutions.

The Canadian fringe company Dbrand recently announced that it will soon take orders for a number of black PS5 faceplates and rejected proposals Sony can stop it.

Dbrand’s product launch follows a high-profile case in the UK that saw a company cancel its plans to make custom PS5 faceplates after Sony allegedly threatened legal action.

When asked by a Reddit user if he feared similar legal action over the front plates, Dbrand rejected the performance and wrote: “We encourage them to try.” A caption on the Reddit post also reads: “sue us, Sony.”