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Black Ops 4th of December 20 game settings update launches Holiday events and includes camo repairs in Blackout – Patch Notes

For the third time in so many days, Treyarch has released an update for Black Ops 4 that introduces some new content for Xbox One and PC players.

With the high season in high gear at this point, Black Ops 4 is not left behind and has kicked off some different holiday-themed activities for players to dig into.

These holiday events went live on PlayStation 4 last week, but is now available to all players with the update on December 20th.

In addition to both the Holiday Event Stream, the Blackout Holiday Event and the Zombies Winter Calling update on December 20, there are some important solutions to other aspects of the game for all players.

The most prominent of the corrections comes in addressing a problem that prevented certain Reactive Camos from showing as done and will also appear as packed on the ground.

With these solutions, newly connected cameras in Blackout should again work as desired.

Other minor repairs included a Zombies-specific error that would destroy the enemy's way along with a multiplayer issue that caused a hacked user interface to show on player's screens for the entire game after being sentenced to a hacked gunship.

Although this was probably a minor update compared to the others who dropped earlier this week, Black Ops 4 continues to be high of the v1.09 update that was greatest in the game's history.

You can read all 20 patch notes below:

Dec. 20 Update: Holiday Event in Blackout / Winter Calling in Zombies / Winter Event Stream on Xbox One and PC, Reactive Camo Fixes in Blackout

Happy Holidays! With today's update, players on all platforms can enjoy new content in all three modes with our Holiday Event in Blackout Winter Event Stream in Black Market, and Winter Calls in Zombies Winter Calls in Zombies ]! Details below:

For a limited period, Blackout players get access to tactical snowballs, festive lighting and decorations throughout the map, and holiday-themed Supply Stashes in time for the vacation. Go into a match to see if you can secure Victory with a final Snowball killing. We will look at.

Unlock new Warpaints and Gestures to use in Multiplayer and Blackout through our new free Winter Event loot stream in Black Market! These new tier will appear in the Kontraband section of the black market and you will unlock new content as you complete each new tier together with your current operation Absolute Zero progress and any active special order levels at the same time.

Complete unique Zombies challenges to unlock a new round of exclusive customization items for use in Zombies for a limited period of time! Check the barracks to find these challenges, which can be developed simultaneously with today's challenges for daily challenges, to double up on Zombie's rewards.

Here's what's new in today's game update:

  • Blackout Holiday Event: Snowballs, Festive Lighting / Decorations, and Holiday-Theme Supply Stashes Live Now (Xbox One / PC)
  • Black-and- and Blackout live now (Xbox One / PC)
  • Winter Call in Zombies Now Live (Xbox One / PC)
  • Reactive Camo Screening Issues in Blackout
  • Enemy HUD Fix for Killcam in Blackout
  • Dead of the Night added as Selected playlist in zombies
  • Miscellaneous. Solutions in MP and Zombies
  • Event
    • Limited winter event stream now lives in the black market with new items to unlock for use in multiplayer and blackout.
  • Event
    • Holiday Event now live in Blackout.
    • Limited Time Winter call event stream now lives with new customization elements to unlock the Zombies Barracks.