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B&H sells the 2017 iPad Pros at the lowest prices we have ever seen

The previous generation iPad Pros are still wonderful devices, and at the moment it is best for them that you don't have to worry if they are suddenly going to bow to you. And now, the B&B sells both the 10-inch and 12.9-inch models at the lowest prices we've seen to date with discounts from $ 200 to $ 280. all the deals we saw on Black Friday.

I am particularly impressed that some of these discounts apply to models with Wi-Fi and 4G LTE, such as this 1

2.9-inch 64GB model . With the $ 230 discount you can get it for just $ 699, down from the normal $ 929 price.

If you want a little more storage (and you should probably, since 64GB is not very large enough to handle many "Pro" projects like video files or games), you can get this 12.9-inch 256GB gray model with Wi-Fi for just $ 749, down $ 200 from the normal price at $ 949.

As I said in my review of the latest iPad Pro, it is almost too powerful for the apps you can currently use with the iPad (though you may want one of the newer models if you plan to use Adobe Photoshop for iPad when released once a year). Generally, these older models will still be able to handle everything you throw at them with ease.

Remember that they also only support the $ 99 first generation Apple Pencil, which doesn't strain as elegantly as the model found on the new iPad Pro and comes with other frustrations like a hood that is easy to lose. B & H sells pencil but it is not available for discount.

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