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Bezels, Bixby and stress tests

Stress Testing Time

New to Galaxy Watch is a stress management feature that tries to detect those moments when you freak out and offer breathing exercises to help you relax. The function itself is quite simple: the first times you control your stress levels (although a convenient widget enabled by default), Watchen sets up a heart rate that it controls in the future. Needless to say, you should be quite relaxed when you first use the feature. The thing is, it seems to take awhile for The Watch to find out what your heart is doing when you're very stressed, so you have to wait at least someone for some right insight into kicking.

I logged in to my first stress test right after receiving The Watch, and my levels were all green since I was not particularly worried about anything. The screen showed the word "neutral" just to confirm that everything was okay. Shortly after that, Samsung realized a group of journalists through an intense training and asked us to check our stress levels again. That time, the voltage meter's digital needle was in red, and I would have waited for Watch to flag the situation in one way or another. It did not. I can not be too hard at this feature since it probably takes more time to really get to know my resting heart rate, but if there was ever offering calming breathing exercises, it was.

] My testing is not over yet, but I'm pleased to see that Samsung is trying to make their wearables a bit more thoughtful. Even with Apple's own updated Watch on the horizon, Galaxy Watch looks like a good option for Samsung fans and people waiting for Google to do new things with Wear OS. Things can change over the next few days, though – just keep calm.

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