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Bethesda even got Fallout 76's Nuka Cola room bottles wrong

Once again, Bethesda draws his fans, this time to get Fallout 76s Nuka Cola Rum bottles wrong. Bethesda's last in Fallout franchise has knocked straight out of the gate. Fans were concerned when it was revealed that Fallout 76 would be strictly online, a series first. Unfortunately for fans, their fears were met, when surpassed as Fallout 76 turned out to be buggy and for some, unplayable. But a glitchy game turned out to be just the top of the glacier when it came to problems.

Bethesda has made a number of promises to players who have failed to keep. Players disappointed with the game were upset by learning from Bethesda's strict, no return policy. Fans who chose to pre-order the pricy $ 200 Power Armor Edition were angry to know that the canvas bag they were promised had been replaced with cheap nylon. It was later revealed that online influencers received canvas bags, despite Bethesda's claims that they did not have enough materials. Although the developer has since promised to make changes, it may prove too late. A law firm looks at the company's tactics and considers whether to proceed with a lawsuit. Only when it looks like Bethesda will end the year quietly will they slip again.

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According to Cartoon the latest complaint is about the company's Fallout space bottles. Back in September, players could pre-order a bottle of Nuka Dark Rum, a drink and a bottle inspired by the game. Fans waited patiently for their bottles to arrive after a month's delay. Again they were faced with disappointment when bottles are made of a cheap plastic shell over a glass bottle, rather than made of glass itself.

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The players' problem with the bottle is similar to the nylon bags, they expected somewhat higher quality to the premium price they paid. After all, a bottle of Nuka Dark Rum costs $ 80. The players turned to social media to vote their frustrations about feeling cheated yet again. Silver Screen Bottling Co., the company Bethesda teamed up with making Nuka Dark Rum, has released a statement and a filing form for those who feel cheated by Bethesda's latest merchandise snafu.

But that's not enough for players who are already upset with Bethesda tactics. Earlier this year, Bethesda issued an apology for the uneven state their games were in, promising changes in the game, and more openness from the company. Any changes made so far do not seem to be enough. Player frustration continues to grow and mistakes continue to be made by the developer. Bethesda wants her work cut out for it if they hope to notice themselves and Fallout after this last bit of bad news.

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