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Best sales on Xbox, PS4 and Switch for Christmas 2018

The holiday season is here and Christmas is in sight. There will be many last minute deals in the days before the big … day. This weekend we decided to mark some of the best games and sales we see. Walmart, Best Buy, Target, Microsoft and GameStop have all Christmas sales on consoles and games. Most of these deals will go through Christmas, and some may continue as a rush of after sales sales.

Xbox One Holiday Deals


Each console had good Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday deals this year, but Microsoft heads the Xbox

Xbox One X packages.

Xbox One S Packages for $ 200 ($ 1
00 Off)

Walmart has the best prices, but Best Buy, Xbox.com and GameStop also have Xbox One S deals. for $ 399 ($ ​​100 off)

Xbox One X plays the same games as One S, but it fits better with 4K TV.

Xbox Game Deals

We have highlighted some titles we think you might want, Nintendo

Nintendo has many indie games and other titles for sale through the new year at the Switch Game Store. Be sure to check out our Switch Tips and tricks and pick for the best exchange games.

PS4 Holiday Deals

The Spider-Man Games have long served as a barometer of the open world action genre and now


There are no good PlayStation 4 hardware agreements that are right now, but we have seen some game sales worth seeing. Walmart, GameStop, Target and Best Buy all have game sales happening throughout Christmas. They will probably have after Christmas sales as well. For more information, here are some of WIRED's favorite PS4 games.

Other Games Deals


Retailers Sales Pages

If you want to hunt for more offers, these pages have a lot to sift through. 19659022] Note: When you buy something that uses the retail links in our stories, we can earn a small affiliated commission. Read more about how this works.

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