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Best iPhone photos announced in 2021 IPPAwards

The IPPAwards page now shows its selection of the best iPhone photos from 2021, with a surprising winner in the top category.

Above is the main prize winner …

Transylvanian Shepherds was awarded the main prize, shot on an iPhone 7 by Istvan Kerekes. It is an interesting shot, but in my eyes does not have a very nice composition, and the motifs are very underexposed.

Bonding won the award for Photographer of the Year for Sharan Shetty. Taken on an iPhone X, it’s certainly a touching shot:

The best American entry was Side-Walking on Air by Jeff Rayner, a beautifully composed and exposed shot of a girl illuminated by a ray of sunshine, and a delightful shadow:

I’m generally not a fan of flower pictures. A photo forum I used to join many years ago even had an acronym for them: JAFF (Just Another… Flower). But pondering the positives of Christian Horgan is amazing!

Quim Fabregas’ Reach The Soul would have been my personal choice in the Portrait category, even if the judges only awarded it third place:

Similarly, in the sunset category, third-placed Sunrise Over Our Pond by Danette Spriggs designated for me:

I 100% agree with the best travel shot! Magic of Aurora Borealis by Tatiana Merzlyakova:

The registrations are already open for next year’s competition.

The posts are open worldwide for photographers using an iPhone or iPad. Photos should not be published earlier anywhere. The posts on personal accounts (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) are eligible. The images should not be changed in any desktop management program such as Photoshop. It’s OK to use some iOS apps.

Use of any iPhone is permitted. Additional iPhone lenses can be used. In some cases, we can ask the original image to confirm that it was taken with an iPhone, iPad. Images that cannot be verified are disqualified.

Submissions must be the original size or not less than 1000 pixels in height or width.

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