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Best games with ray tracing on Android and GeForce NOW

Beam tracking is the next level of graphical enhancement for your favorite games, but it is beyond the reach of most mobile gamers. But with NVIDIA GeForce NOW, you can enjoy some of the biggest and best titles by using ray tracing, almost unbelievably, on your Android device.

To sum up what ray tracing is, it provides realistic lighting by simulating the physical behavior of light in a 3D space. This adds a layer of movie-quality rendering to scenes in your favorite games. For many years, this will be difficult for graphics-quality graphics cards and home PCs because the process can be computationally expensive.


7;s RTX GPUs include dedicated hardware that enables real-time beam tracking, and because GeForce NOW uses the latest and greatest RTX GPUs, you can enjoy the impressive lighting effects while playing on your Android phone without the need for an advanced game PC at home.

You’ve probably heard it speculated and mentioned when new games are announced. Ray tracking is a big deal, and along with some other techniques it will be a key point for many new games coming soon. This does not mean that you can not already see the effect of ray tracing in action, although some slightly older titles support the feature – and we have 3 that you should definitely think about playing …

The best raytracing titles to play on Android with GeForce NOW

Not quite a sequel to the equally excellent Alan Wake, if you want a game that bends your mind as much as it wows, try Control. The physics and particle effects are great on their own, but add radiation tracking, and there is simply nothing like it available on Android. Nvidia GeForce NOW lets you play one of the most fascinating games of recent years with full fidelity, and the extra real-time lighting effects give you a new notch.

Lara Croft’s resurgence using Square Enix has been great for gaming fans for a long time. Even a beautiful game, with the help of RTX graphics and optimized beam tracking effects, even a three-year-old game can take a notch or two. If you have not managed to play Shadow of the Tomb Raider, you owe it to yourself to play through the latest game in the rebooted series – at least on your Android device.

At times, the biggest new IP in games is one of the most beautiful neon-charged cityscapes ever imagined, and it’s even better if you can enjoy it on your Android phone with beam tracking enabled. Night City is filled with small corners and areas that radiate life, and which have been expanded a lot with accurate reflection and diffusion to create an even more credible near future city.

Honorable mention

Watch Dogs: Legion – A unique game in so many ways, you can take to the streets of a near future dystopian London with famous landmarks that look exceptional even on your smaller Android screen thanks to Nvidia’s excellent radiation tracking technology.

Metro Exodus -Post-apocalyptic Russia has never looked so good with even scarier shadows and reflections that increased the tension dramatically.

Guardian’s of the Galaxy is now available for purchase on Steam, so you can try it for yourself on GeForce NOW here and check back every week for GFN Thursday – NVIDIA’s weekly celebration of the latest games, features and news, streaming from the cloud to all of your devices with many more mobile-friendly games that will reach the service in the coming months.

Let us know what your own favorite raytracing PC games you have loved about playing on Android or games you would like to see updated to support the feature in the comments section below.

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