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Best Buy PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch Deals this week

It's a new week, which means you can find a new set of offers on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch games at Best Buy. Maybe you have a gift card during the holiday, maybe you are planning on returning something and you want to shop credit, or maybe you're just looking to save money on a game. Anyway, this week's video game discounts are worth checking out.

You can save $ 40 on the PlayStation Classic mini console, and bring the price down to a much more reasonable level of $ 60. Choose Xbox One Controller is $ 10 off. If you buy an Xbox One S or X, you get a free $ 50 e-gift card.

If you are willing to book, you can get more offers if you have a free My Best Buy membership. Pre-order Kingdom Hearts 3 and you will receive a $ 1

0 reward certificate and a free keychain. You can also get a $ 10 reward, along with some goodies in the game, to pre-order BioWare's shared world shooter Anthem.

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When it comes to games that are available now, many of the discounts are holdovers from previous weeks, but anyway: a good deal is a good deal. Battlefield V, which has only been out for a month, is half of $ 30. The same new game Fallout 76 is down to $ 40, but if you prefer to explore an offline version of the wilderness, try Fallout 4 GotY Edition for $ 30.

While you can't find any deals this week on Red Dead Redemption 2, Xbox One owners can download the Xbox 360 game Red Dead Redemption for $ 10. Switch owners can grab the two-two battles in America's biggest game shows: Fortune & Jeopard Wheel for $ 20.

You can find more of our selections below or you can check out the full list of video games on the Best Buy sales page.


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