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Best Buy catches PlayStation fans on guard with surprise on PS5

Without any warning whatsoever, Best Buy released a new record PlayStation 5 console for sale this morning, which ended up surprising many. As with many stocks, this one seemed to be more successful than normal for many, but others ended up missing out on only the available number of units.

As mentioned, tomorrow’s PS5 fall was a big shock to many, which seemed to be the key factor in deciding who might have been able to buy one. Those who were already online when the reconstruction took place generally seemed to have quite good luck this time. However, many others did not catch on that the new PS5 consoles were available until it was already too late. Other obligations such as being at work seemed to be a distraction for some as well.

As we move forward, Best Buy and many other retailers will certainly continue to have such holdings for the PS5 in the future. The bad news is that many of these store fronts have stopped warning potential customers in advance when PS5 consoles may become available. As such, it has become incredibly difficult to get one unless you happen to be online the moment they drop.

If you are still looking for one for yourself, I would definitely suggest that you put alerts on again in your browser or follow dedicated social media accounts that can let you know when new shipments may become available. This is the best course of action if you want to buy PS5 as soon as possible, compared to waiting for the hype to pass and the systems inevitably become available on store shelves.

Were you able to catch a PS5 in tomorrow̵

7;s recovery? Remember to let me know either down in the comments or over on Twitter at @ MooreMan12.

Be sure to read on to see some of the reactions from people who tried to catch a PS5 on Best Buy for themselves today!

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