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Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart, Gamestop, Target and more

PS5 storage has been a problem for gamers since its launch, leaving many wondering which store will fill the PS5 consoles next time.

To get ahead of the crowd, buyers need to learn when stores are expected to sell PS5 consoles.

Here you can buy a PS5 in the US this week.

Last – Best Buy and Target deliver great

The last two stores in the US to offer PS5 inventory were Target, which fell on Thursday, and Best Buy, which fell on Friday.

Both sold out the same day, which means that if you want to buy a PS5 console, you have to be quick.

With this in mind, check out where you can expect PS5 consoles to fill up next below.

PS5 Updates

It was supposed to be a very busy week for the PS5 rtock, so you will not miss your chance to get the console at a sale price!


Recent rumors suggested Amazon would release a new PS5 recovery on March 18 – worth over 45,000 consoles. After missing this date, things are a bit up in the air.

Approximately two weeks after the expected fall, Amazon will probably have a new PS5 share soon – our expectations are in between March 29 and March 31st.

Order PS5 from Amazon here:

PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 Digital Edition

Best buy

Best buy was the last major US store to have PS5 stock, and dropped further Friday 26. March as we predicted.

Best Buy is the most consistent store for PS5 shares, offering sales almost every Friday. This means that next time you can expect PS5 recovery on Best Buy on Friday 2. April, at about 12.00 EST.

Order PS5 from Best Buy here:

PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 Digital Edition


Walmart most recently had PS5 consoles in stock on March 18, but were quickly sold out.

After putting on the Xbox Series X console last week on March 26, we expect Walmart to sell PS5s this week – likely to arrive between March 31st and 2 April.

Order PS5 from Walmart here:

PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 Digital Edition


Perhaps the most disappointing major retailer in recent weeks for PS5 shares has been Gamestop.

Gamestop has not dropped any new PS5 shares since March 9, and is increasingly being pushed out of place by other stores.

Despite this, it may be the company’s time to release a new major PS5 recovery.

If Gamestop receives PS5 shares this week, we expect it to be posted in between March 30 and April 1st, as the company tends to fall in the middle of the week.

Order PS5 from Gamestop here:

PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 Digital Edition

Scalping on the decline

While the PS5 is still targeted by scalps every time stock becomes available, it looks like the scalping market is declining.

PS5 retail price
RETAIL: Actual retail prices look more possible for PS5 consoles

In the UK, several stores including CEX have dropped prices to match retail, and prices on platforms such as eBay have also fallen steadily in recent weeks.

This bodes well for the United States, where players are still struggling to secure their PS5 retail sale order.

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