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Ben's 9to5 gift guide: Android accessories and smart home

When the end of the year quickly approaches, you are probably looking for gifts for friends and loved ones. Over the years, I have had great pleasure in using dozens of great technical products, and I have rounded off some of my recommendations for Android accessories and smart home products in this gift guide.

Best Gifts for Android Users

If you've missed some of our previous gift guides, we've already rounded up some of the best smartphones, the best smartwatches, the best affordable phones, Chromebooks, and more. However, in this guide I will talk about two things mainly – accessories and smart home products.


– Fossil Sport

It was not very easy to find a moment at all. Sit on a solid smartwatch for Android. Now things get better, and Fossil Sport is leading the lead. Packing Qualcomm's new Snapdragon Wear 3100 chipset in a compact, lightweight body, Sport is a winner in my book.

Battery life is solid, the design is good and at $ 255 it's far from overpriced. Running on Google's Wear OS, it's open to a large ecosystem of apps and watches as well. For holidays, Fossil also offers 2-day shipping on any $ 125 + order. Unfortunately, heavy demand is in stock at the moment. If you can get your hand on it, it's worth every penny.

– Mobvoi Ticwatch C2

Mobvoi has produced some of the most surprisingly beautiful Wear OS watches in the last couple of years, and the Ticwatch C2 is another winner. This slim watch can run on an older chip set, but it has above average battery life, a beautiful design and solid performance as well.

There may be no features, such as a "clock" mode, wireless charging or a rotating button for navigation, but it's still a great device across the board. Better yet, it's also very affordable at $ 199. It is only available on Mobvoi's website at the moment and should be shipped before your holiday.

 ticwatch c2 wear os

– Moment Bags and Lenses

Smartphone photography is just insanely big. Pick up basically some flagship phone today and you will find a shooting game that is fully capable. But it's still not as flexible as a real camera most of the time. Even though nothing will make your galaxy as good as a DSLR, one thing that can help be an extra lens.

Moment lenses have been some of my favorite Android accessories for a while now, and this year they support more devices than ever with more lenses than ever. For obvious reasons, I like using Moment Lenses most with my Pixel 3 XL. But they also support Galaxy S9, Galaxy Note 9, OnePlus 6 and iPhones if you turn that way.

If anyone in your life is a photographer on the move, I think Moment Lenses are an ideal gift. The case itself is $ 29.99 for all devices and the lenses start at about $ 90. Personally, the kit I would recommend to join is a case and the new Tele 58mm lens. It produces some killer shots. For those who love video, the anamorphic lens is also quite crazy.

Unfortunately, due to high demand, it will be difficult to get any of them before the holiday. If you really want one for Christmas, some are available on Amazon with a small charge, but 2-day shipping.

– OnePlus USB-C Bullets Earbuds

As the headphone jack continues to die, wired headphones are not necessarily required. USB-C is a pretty solid option, and the OnePlus USB C Bullet earplugs are quite good. They have solid sound quality, a nice construction, and a Cirrus Logic DAC built-in. At $ 19.99, they are some of the best USB-C headphones out there today and they make a great gift for anyone who has an Android phone or USB-C-equipped laptop.


– Sony 1000XM3

If you are making a good trip this season, noise-reducing headphones are a must. Whether they are a gift for yourself or a loved one, the Sony 1000XM3 is some of the best on the market. They're crazy, offering Google Assistant integration and USB-C for charging. You can also connect via Bluetooth for amazing sound quality. They are not cheap at $ 349, but if you ask me, they are worth every penny.

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