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Belkin’s new face tracking iPhone is always on you

Illustration for the article titled Say Goodbye to Painful Neck Strain With Belkins New Face-Tracking iPhone Stand That Always Pointes At You

Picture: Belkin

Why spend $ 250 on Amazon’s new face tracking, automatic rotation Ekko-show 10 smart screen when Belkin is new Magnetic telephone mount with face tracking makes the iPhone 12 a standalone screen with similar smart functionality (minus Amazon sneaking a camera at home) for only $ 65?

If you have ever had to tap your neck to follow a recipe video while busy in the kitchen or stopped a workout routine to move your smartphone because a new pose made it difficult to see the instructor, then you can already see the value of Belkin’s Echo Show 10 alternative. The bracket is battery powered so you can place it anywhere in the field of view without being dominated by a power cord, but a rechargeable battery would certainly have been preferred over the three AAA batteries, this thing will probably eat through in a short time given an electric motor mechanism.

The attachment can rotate as much as 360 degrees, so you can even set it up on an island and have it track your movements in every corner of the kitchen, but it has some limitations. The movements are limited to horizontal rotation, so while the mounting can be adjusted vertically from -15 to 30 degrees, you have to do that part manually. The use of MagSafe to hold a smartphone in place in landscape or portrait orientation also means that the mount is only compatible with the iPhone 12 line and future iPhones, provided that Apple does not release MagSafe anytime soon.


Picture: Belkin

The other “catch” with Belkin’s new magnetic phone mount with face tracking is that it can not be used for video calls. It depends on the iPhone 12’s own front-facing camera and a new app from Belkin for face tracking capabilities, which means that shooting content for or streaming content from social media services like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube all happens through Belkin’s own app. As a result, it can not be used to make video calls through services such as Facetime, Zoom or Skype, all of which rely on their own iOS apps.

Further complicating the use of this for video chat is the fact that the mount “is not recommended for multi-face video content,” according to Belkin. There is no reason why you should not use the holder drivenoff mode to hold the iPhone 12 in place during a Zoom conversation with many family or friends, but when it ison it sounds like it is going to be difficult to decide which face to follow in a crowd.

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