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‘Backup Google One’ is the new name of the Android Phone Backup Tool

For a long time, transferring information from an old phone to a new phone when switching to the latest and greatest can be either a very simple task or a very annoying one. You can use a proprietary transfer tool from your OEM, which allows you to move most files from your old phone, or you can use the more comprehensive Titanium Backup if you had root access. Alternatively, you can use the built-in backup tool that is available for all devices with Google Play Services installed, or a similar one provided by the Google One app.

Android’s Backup Utility supported by Play Services allows you to back up your phone’s data stored on your Drive account, and it does not count towards your storage cap. This tool will soon be replaced by “Backup of Google One”

;, as reported by 9to5Google.

What will really change for the users? Well, not much. The existing backup solution, which is currently available on all Android phones and can be found under Settings> System> Backup or Settings> Google> Backup already stores important phone data, including app data for apps that have not opted out of backups, SMS text messages, device settings, call log and contacts.

Over the next few weeks, that backup solution will be replaced by the new ‘Backup of Google One’ service. Google One already had a phone backup solution available for all users, but it required downloading the app to configure. This feature is essentially integrated into Settings, which means that both backup solutions are grouped under the same umbrella.

The new “Backup of Google One” service. Photo credits: Android Police

When “Backup by Google One” is enabled, users will be able to back up photos, videos and MMS messages on top of app data, SMS text messages, device settings, call log and contacts. It’s free to use for all Google users despite branding, but any photos or videos you choose to back up will count towards your account quota. You can manage your backups directly from the previously mentioned Android settings pages, or from the Google One app or website.

Backup of Google One will roll out to devices running Android 8.0 Oreo or later in the coming weeks.

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