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Awesome Games Done Quick 2019: Everything you need to know about the first day

Awesome Games Done Quick is back. The World Series of Speedrunning will start Sunday at noon, deliver 156 hours of highly visible sprints, stunts and trick races involving popular and long forgotten games.

There are more than 130 events in this year's marathon that are much to clear. As of today, Polygon will provide viewers manuals to highlight key features of the upcoming day and those that can provide the most benefit.

Where can I see the Awesome Games Done Quick 2019?

As always, here!

And this is Games Done Quicks official Twitch side, with the flow.

But one of the Games Done Quicks most vital display resources is video-on-demand. How to find and use them to keep up to date with what happened during the marathon.

  • R / Speedrun subreddit usually gets a VOD thread up on the first day. This is a chronological matrix that shows game runs, runners, and then timestamped the link on the live stream. Links to individual YouTube videos will be dropped later as they become available.
  • Video of individual events can best be found through Google's completed YouTube channel, but these take time to appear as the event's video community needs to cut and upload them.
  • Want more? GDQ VOD is not just a great resource for today's Awesome Games Done Quick, it's a great archive of former AGDQs and Summer Games Done Quick. It can also be searched for game title and runner name.

from Summer Games Done Quick 2018
Games Done Quick

Who should I see?

We'll give you a list of highlights for the first 24 hours (dinner today for dinner Monday) during this and then for each day of the week. But in general, these players are the best at what they do. The Games Committee on Games Done Quick means that everything in a performance / knowledge of a runner's proposal. Most of them here are in the top 3 (or recent) of their event times maintained at Speedrun.com.

But temper your expectations of what these artists are trying to do. Being picked to play at a Games Done Quick does not mean anyone is here to take a world record. It is rare to see a fall; GDQ VODs says that only 23 world records have been added to the 18 Awesome / Summer Games Done Quick marathons since 2010.

The full schedule is here.

What happens on the first day?

After a pre-show from 11:30 am to noon ET, the first 24 hours see 28 events, 17 of them are run by reigning world No. 1s. The complete schedule is here, but here are some races worth seeing.

  • Hollow Knight opens marathon with Vysual's run at noon for a True Ending (No Major Glitches). They are currently in the first place for this category and have been back and forth with Skurry for the top track. The item changed five times in November.
  • At 14:42, V0oid and stew_ duel in Donkey Kong Country Any% (All Stages). They are first and fourth respectively. V0oid retook World No. 1 on Christmas Eve, betting the previous record by three seconds. Stew_'s current personal best was put on November 26th.
  • At 16:49, mr. Dearle and The Master team up for Serious Sam Classic: The First Encounter in a collaboration% percent run. Co-ops and races are among the best events for excitement, and this pair took worldwide No. 1 on December 27, and improved on December 31
  • at 6:52. is Legend of Zelda : Majoras mask . This game has a running story that goes on to 2010 (at Speedrun.com) and popesquidward is the world's # 2. Majoras Mask was last on an AGDQ in 2016.
  • 7:20 and 8:10 Tomorrow I will get the crown back-to-back events, owning items in both. First, is Ecco: Tides of Time on Genesis (Any%) and then comes Vectorman . The crown took over the first place in Vectorman November 18, but improved it with a 13:30 run only this Thursday.
  • And at 10:12 tomorrow, d4gr0n takes Pocky & Rocky (Any%, Normal). They logged the game's first under-20 minute run on May 9, 2018, but haven't touched that since.

Other World No. 1 runners in the first 24 hours:

  • swordsmankirby, in Kirby [19659023] and The Amazing Mirror (Any%) at 1:50
  • tyler2022, in Metal Gear Solid 2: Freedom Sons (European Extreme, PS3) at 9:02 [19659033] ChurchNEOH in Colossus Shadow (2018, Boss Rush, NTA) at 10:47
  • MrUppercaseT in Cat Bird (All%, all worlds) at 3:12 Monday. This will be the first games to finish on an iPad.
  • MrCab in CometStriker (Arcade, Hard) at 03:50
  • snapcase i Khimera: Destroy All Monster Girls : 20th Anniversary Edition (Any%, Glitchless ) at 05:05
  • d4gr0n in

[Race Mode, PC] at 04:35

  • Brandooater in Mega Turrican (Some%) at 18:50
  • Nubzombie in Generations Lost (Any%) at 8:37
  • RottDawg in Bloody Wolf (Any% at 9) This is just the second TurboGrafx-16 run on a GDQ marathon.
  • PJ in ActRaiser 2 (Hard, SNES) at 11:37
  • Check back with Polygon every day, we will do our best to set up the next 24 hours and point to events like has the potential to see excitement.

    from Summer Games Done Quick 2018
    Games Done Quick

    What is something? %? What is all this jargon?

    Speedrunning is just as much a subculture as it is entertainment, with its own terms and descriptions. If you are not familiar, there are some common ones that you can see used.

    • 100%: A race with a completion need to collect 100 percent of the items. In games without percentage counts, the community determines which parts of the game are important enough to count against 100 percent. Not all games do well for a 100% definition.
    • Any%: A race without further completion requirements; everything goes. "Standard" category for speed running a game. The term comes from the old school Metroid speedrunning community.
    • Damage Reinforcement: Be careful to get extra speed / height or to pass through enemies / obstacles quickly.
    • Frame perfect: A technique in a game that you only have a 1 frame window to successfully pull off.
    • Low%: A race that completes the game with only the lowest lowest percentage. This can take much longer than any% run, depending on the game. This is not a worthy category for many games, and is definitely less expensive than similar categories like 100%.
    • Sequence Break: Do something out of order in the scheduled order of events in a game.
    • Segmented: One way to minimize play time by redoing parts of a speed run over and over again.

    What is all this for?

    You may have heard that this is a charity marathon. Awesome Games Done Quicks Philanthropy is the Prevent Cancer Foundation. Last year, the event claimed $ 2,295,191 for the foundation, and AGDQ lifetime (dating to 2010) has increased more than $ 9 million.

    If the spirit moves you, donations can be made through the Games Done Quick website.

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