ASUS has joined the players of game phones with the new ROG phone. It sports high-end specifications and a strange cooling bracket, but how does it stand up to wear? The last JerryRigEverything video seeks to answer that question. Overall, the ROG phone is doing well.

If you've seen a JerryRigEverything video, you'll know how this goes. He picks up the phone a bit for a box cutter to evaluate the materials. It is mostly Gorilla Glass, store for the metal edge and the post on one side of the back. The copper glass is metal, but it is a plastic coating on the front ear plug and microphone. The video also points out that the enclosed cooling bracket has a plastic underside, which makes it basically useless as a way to spread heat.

Then there is a flame test. Do I need to tell you not to burn your phone? Ok, do not burn your phone. You're probably here for the bending test, and it's the last. The ROG phone breaks a couple of times during the bend, but it does not stop working or deforming in any noticeable way. Then ASUS made a hard-wearing phone. In addition, it is actually surprisingly good as a smartphone.