Google Assistant has been able to “remember” things on your behalf for many years now, with voice memos stored on all supported devices. It’s one of the most valuable tools any voice assistant can offer, and Google wants to make it much more powerful. A brand new visual setup for Assistant Memory is now being tested, designed to improve how reminders work on your phone.


7;s new and improved memory feature combines the existing reminder feature with something resembling a full-blown note app, according to a breakdown from 9to5Google APK. This is a pretty significant change from how Assistant currently manages and displays reminders, which are capable of storing real-world information such as packets and flight reservations, to digital content such as playlists and articles. Memory can store links from the phone screen, take pictures with the camera, or use voice-to-text to record everything you say out loud.

Google’s new assistant memory user interface. Images via 9to5Google

These notes are organized in a new user interface that allows you to manage, modify and delete stored content from your account. This feature is not part of Google’s Snapshot feed; instead, there is another tab located in the Assistant app itself. An optional dedicated home screen shortcut makes it easy to open saved reminders without using voice commands.

There is no word on when Memory will be ready for a public launch – or whether it will ever make it out of internal testing. Still, this leak feels like a much-needed update on how Assistant currently holds reminders, so hopefully it won’t be too long before it becomes official.