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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s Post-Launch Woes Continue

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Screenshot: Me, trying to play through more issues after launch.

I loved Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. So much so that if I had had more time with it during the calendar year, it would have done a serious race for Game Of 2020. But boy, at the same time I have not been happy with the support the game has received after the launch.

The game was released, and continues to have several months later, a series of missions that break, and sometimes completely game-breaking error. One of them had stuck with me for over a week when a character who was important for a main historical quest refused to appear at the designated place in Ravensthorpe, another for a few days when a quest that was to trigger a new dialogue after I put away a guy my horse just never got to it.

There are two that bothered me; Washington Post highlighted another last week it gave many others severe headaches.

To be clear, the problem here is not that the game was launched incorrectly. Like some other crazy parts of Valhalla—Sound quality sound effects in some areas, and cuts scenes where the character’s lips do not move – there are concessions to be made for a large AAA game was released amid a global pandemic.

But also, there is a point where we have to admit that this game was released in November, and it is now almost April, and many of these big mistakes are still there, capturing and frustrating players months later. That sucks!

And while editions from November are still there, new ones continue to pile up. The last round of the game with free seasonal content, based around the Ostara festivities, have had a number of aspects removed after they started causing crashes.

This solution meant removing Ravensthorpe’s Ostara decorations, and the new missions will not be completed while Ubisoft is working on a solution.

I am samples to get excited about the game’s first real update, which will move Eivor’s adventures to Ireland, but when the game still has so many lingering issues, what’s to say that an expansion will not just add more to the pile?

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