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Asmongold loses it after drying to Final Fantasy XIV boss of 0.1% hp

Asmongold’s Final Fantasy XIV dungeon run dried out to boss Kalyia, who had only 0.1% HP left, and led Asmongold to a tantrum.

Asmongold began streaming the journey in Final Fantasy XIV on July 3, taking many viewers on the journey. The game’s popularity increased on Twitch, largely due to the attention he brought along with his large fan base.

He recently reached level 50 and ended the “A Realm Reborn” campaign, which opened up some new content – including dungeons.

Asmongold’s group carried out The Final Coil of Bahamut, and on boss Kalyia wiped his party with the boss’s HP bar and hit 0.1%.

“Airym, get away if you need to,”

; he shouted to the last remaining party member. Asmongold absolutely lost his mind when the boss did not die, and survived with only one piece of health left.

“Are you joking with me!” Asmongold screamed as he exploded in a fit of rage.

Anyone who has played an MMO understands his pain, as wiping a dungeon of a mile or an inch has the same result: having to start over.

In the full video uploaded to his YouTube channel, you can see that the group finally managed to complete the dungeon.

Time starts at 45:29

As Asmongold continues to dig deeper into the epic battles Final Fantasy XIV has to offer, there will surely be more fun moments like this. He also has a long journey ahead of him with expansions such as Heavensward, Stormblood and Shadowbringers.

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