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art of rally Coming to Xbox Game Pass this summer

Uniquely styled rally game art of rally will jump to consoles this summer, with a launch on Xbox and Xbox Game Pass – so that mobile players also get a taste of the title.

The transition was announced during a Twitch showcase for Xbox games coming in the coming months, revealing it art of rally would follow its predecessor Absolute operation in switching to console. At the moment, however, it seems that only Xbox owners will be able to experience the game’s new art style, without any PlayStation release so far.

If you are not familiar with art of rally, it is an isometric rally simulator that revives the sport’s “golden age”, which covers the period from the 1

960s to the 1990s. There are more than 60 rally cars to grab – or rather to push around – even though they are not officially licensed machines, so bear some interesting names. Thanks to the creative graphics, the vehicles are very similar to the cars we remember and love, but are sufficiently under detailed to get away.

The simplified style also extends to the environments, with 60 rally stages in Finland, Germany, Japan, Norway and Sardinia recreated in the game.

In addition to the Xbox announcement, an expansion for art of rally was also unveiled. This free update will add a Kenya location to the game, including six new rally stages and a free roaming map. There are also four new cars coming with the update.

There is no exact date given for the Xbox launch yet, with only a “summer 2021” window. Pricing information for the regular Xbox version will also be available closer to the launch date.

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