Here’s a little secret, it’s pretty common that everything announced at CES has at least one twin. You’ve probably already seen the new touchless video door from, but it’s not alone in keeping dirty hands out of your home. Arlo also enters the game with its own non-contact model.

The Arlo Touchless Video Doorbell combines elements that are already common to most smart security cameras these days. Proximity sensors are used to detect a person approaching the door and trigger an audible time and light up the doorbell to signal that the homeowner has been told that someone is at the door.

Homeowners will have all the features they expect from Arlo̵

7;s current range of video doorbells such as HD video with 180-degree viewing angle, two-way speaker and pre-recorded messages and video recordings. The model announced at CES 2021 is plugged in for power, but uses Wi-Fi for communication. Nothing has been said about a battery-powered model.

Arlo was named a CES 2021 Innovation Award honoree for this and its new indoor camera. Arlo has not shared prices or other details yet, and the only image looks like (and may be) Arlo’s current video doorbell. There are also no video demonstrations, which probably means that this is more of a concept message than a finished product. But even though this means that the non-contact model was only recently perceived, it is so similar to existing Arlo doorbells and cameras that it should not take long to build and market.

Unlike the model announced by, Arlo’s model does not mention anything about requiring the installation of a professional.