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Are you going to play Borderlands 2 in VR?

For all its mechanical problems, it's a very important reason that Skyrim, another big game that got a VR port, worked so well: It was amazing to be in that world. Of course there were kites and dangers and dangers, but there was also peace, tranquility, beauty and an undeniable sense of greatness. These are all things that make a virtual experience worthwhile unless you specifically create a horror game. The biggest problem, when porting Borderlands 2 to VR, is that Pandora is such a ugly, cruel and unpleasant place that immersion works against it.

It is the peak of the iceberg as far as Borderlands 2 VR goes. To a large extent, it is still the same game, with all the problems it has always had. Historically, every aspect of the game, either actively offends you or trying to kill you at every trip with little or no respite, can get a shake. Gameplay-wise, it's still very much the old MMO-inspired shooter there has always been, where the goal is to raise the statistics and collect better loot than the sheer thrill of killing the maniacal wastelanders by nauseum. Nevertheless, the game has its charm: the wide range of weapons and enemies, the wild comic-shaded art style, and a sense of humor landing land great. These are the things that Borderlands 2 VR maintains.

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That said, gearbox and gearbox removes for this port. The big loss here is that co-op is completely gone, which is the only thing that made the border to Borderlands 2 tolerable. Borderlands 2 solo is a frustrating experience the deeper you go, and this aggravates the problem. In addition, Borderlands 2 VR is only Borderlands 2 – like in, Pre-Sequel and DLC is nowhere to be found. Combine all that the game's cutscenes have not been reproduced in VR, meaning frequent and broken switches to Theater Mode, making this feeling more like a long-lasting experiment than a well-trained final experience that is supposed to stand on its own.

The feeling that the game just throws ideas about how Borderlands is going to operate in VR on the wall to see which pins extend to the way it controls. There are only two ways to control the game: DualShock 4 or PS Move controls, which means yes, the often neglected PS Aim controller has been ignored in a game that could have been better for inclusion. Between the two, strangely, the advantage of DualShock, which mostly uses the same control form as The Handsome Collection, is the store to jump and crush. PS Move, on the other hand, is an intricate mess of commands where the only button following the logic is the trigger to shoot your pistols.

The movement is handled by holding down the Move button and tilting the left controller no matter what road you want to move, which is okay for easy crossing, but Borderland's enemies are hectic and know how to use the cover; A weapon's accuracy has never been more decisive, and it's state you find at acceptable levels in new weapons at least. The DualShock system is also superior here, aiming to handle completely with the PSVR headphone itself instead of the controller, which surprisingly feels far more intuitive than aiming with the hand. Much of it has to do with how amazingly comprehensive the options are when it comes to adjusting the VR experience to scale with your personal level on the VR Sea. If there are any things Borderlands 2 VR will be 100% correct, this is this.

The other major change in the game is a pretty basic: The approach to a slo-mo mechanic called BAMF Time that lets you lower the time to a crawl for a short period of time. It's balanced just enough so it does not break the game, and it makes up for VRs missing, especially in the early, lumpy stage. More than this, it appears to be just the tool the doctor ordered to handle some of the more frustrating areas – read: a place where it involves Threshers – without having a fury-induced heart attack.

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Thing is, even with net positive, Borderlands 2 is not necessarily better with PSVR involved. Things that make Borderlands appealing mainly focus on humor and careful management of your arsenal, neither easier nor finer in VR. Borderlands is still best experienced with Handsome Collection, which also includes collaboration and hours of hours more of Tiny Tina. The things Borderlands 2 in VR brings to the table are all things we've seen better executed elsewhere. Pandora is no place for a hero. Even with slo-mo, and the ability to point and shoot with their own eyes and hands, it's still not.

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