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Are you buying iPhone 12 for iPhone 13? We have good news

While most people do not buy the latest iPhone every year, some do. And for those who’m looking at the new iPhone 13 this fall, the online marketplace SellCell has some good news: The iPhone 12’s resale value appears to be declining more slowly than its predecessor.

During the first six months of the sale, the iPhone 11 handset family lost 43.8% of its original value, the website reports. During the same period, however, iPhone 12 smartphones lost an average of 34.5%

This figure is also made worse by the unpopular iPhone 12 mini. According to SellCell’s data, the 5.4-inch mini has lost 41% of its value after six months, while the iPhone 12 Pro Max has only dipped 28.9%.

iPhone 12 depreciation

(Image credit: SellCell)

If you’ve set your heart on the upcoming iPhone 13, the key question when looking to sell last year’s handset is. If iPhone 11 data is anything to go by, the sweet spot seems to be the nine-month mark. Given that the iPhone 12 came out on October 23, 2020, that really means right now.

iPhone 11 depreciation

(Image credit: SellCell)

As you can see from the table above, the iPhone 11’s resale value took a sharp drop on the 12-month mark that is around the time of the iPhone 12’s arrival (thanks to a Covid-based delay, it came in October instead of Apple’s traditional September event, but close enough that correlation is likely to mean causation in this case).

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