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Apple will start making money on podcasts, incoming bad news

Apple is a company that turns pretty much every little thing into an ATM, and now the Cupertino-based technology giant has reportedly looked at a subscription-based podcast service.

Apple has long had a Podcasts app on its platforms, but this time the company is trying a completely different approach. And according to reports, what it wants to do is release a podcast service available with a subscription, and that will provide users with content that is worth paying for.

In theory, this is nothing new for the podcast market, as such a system is already used by others, and Spotify itself spent millions of dollars on buying exclusive rights to popular shows.

But Apple̵

7;s involvement in this business can change things once and for all in a way that not everyone would be a big fan of.

First of all, with a dedicated podcast service, Apple is likely to sign exclusive deals for a series of popular podcasts, which means that the only way you will be able to listen to them will be by paying for the content.

Then there is a chance that Apple investing in a premium podcast service will generate a result similar to what is happening today in the movie streaming business where companies like HBO and Netflix are fighting for exclusive titles. In other words, Apple and its rivals would each have their own exclusive podcasts, and the only way to enjoy them all would be with a subscription for each of them.

For now, however, it seems that Apple is still in the planning phase, and the company is said to be involved in discussions with a series of partners while we talk.

Many of us enjoy listening to our favorite podcasts while driving, but if Apple’s plans are consistent with rumors above, there’s a chance that the only way to keep doing this is to pay a monthly fee.

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