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Apple will sell a clear case for iPhone XR

Apple has sold its own silicone and leather iPhone cases for many years, but for the first time it will sell a clear case with the release of iPhone XR, as discovered by 9to5Mac . The iPhone XR comes in six different colors – black, white, red, yellow, blue and coral – so it makes sense that Apple wants to sell transparent cases to showcase the new designs. Announcement on its official iPhone XR accessory has been mysteriously missing from some American press materials, but a press release at Apple's Canadian Newsroom shows that the clear case will be used for $ 55 CAD, which is about $ 42 USD. 9to5Mac received a marketing image of the phone case, shown below.

Although Apple's silicone bags sell for $ 39 in the United States, and the transparent cases can sell for that price, it still sounds like a lot to pay for transparent plastic. Alternatively, Speck also sells a clear iPhone XR case for $ 40, but the cases provide more protection with raised motion guards. But iPhone XR owners may get an Apple-officially clear case for the first time, one that does not have third party logos.

Unlike iPhone 5C, which also came in colorful backgrounds, the iPhone XR has a glass back instead of plastic, so investing in a clear case can be worthwhile if you want to show the color while protecting your phone at the same time . The case is not available yet, but it will probably be available when the iPhone XR launches October 26th. Apple has not said if it will be released in the US, but we have reached out and will update when we hear back.

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