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Apple Watch stole the show from this year's new iPhones

The most exciting announcement from Apple's annual iPhone event on Tuesday was not a set of three new smartphones, but a smartwatch. Apple Watch Series 4 – with its rounded corners, larger screen and embedded ECG scanner – undoubtedly became the most sought after gadget after Apple's dump update. While many people have bemoaned to have to choose between the iPhone XS and XR, or simply assume a mobile upgrade completely, the Series 4 looks for how easy it is for a purchase it's for those who have sat on the portable to the portable market.

For those of me who have had an older Apple Watch Series 0 or 1

, it's a no-brainer and that was what I was most excited about when I decided to quit late last night to demand noon orders. The disadvantage is best illustrated by the fact that after less than half a day of order, every single tier of iPhone XS has just now a September 28th to October 5 freight window. Almost all models of Apple Watch Series 4, on the other hand, will not ship from October 12 to October 19.

There are several reasons why Apple Watch is out on iPhone these days. The first and most obvious is that the iPhone has become boring, caught by the declining return Apple can turn out of device year after year. It seems, 11 years after the introduction of the first iPhone, that Apple's tent product has only lost a majority of its shine. There are only so many upgrades and standout features you can add to a mobile product before the incremental changes are overshadowed by how much it costs.

Just take a look back on the last four years of iPhone. In 2014, Apple Plus released the iPhone when it released iPhone 6, which helped to cement the development of ever-increasing screens that Samsung and other Asian manufacturers had first marketed. By 2015, the phone was paired with Apple Watch for the first time, giving daughters Apple fans a better reason to include more Apple hardware and software in their lives. The following year, Apple removed the headphone jack and released AirPods, kicked off a strict debate to force the industry against Apple's wireless vision for the future. Last year we received iPhone X. With its signature hack, bezel-less display and FaceID, it became an industry's trendsetter and relieved a more interesting debate about smartphone design than we have enjoyed for many years.

This year, which is certainly an S-upgrade year and so understandably less exciting, it does not appear that there is much room for iPhone to grow. This leads to the second most obvious reason that it has become harder to take care of the iPhone: the price. Since the iPhone has stagnated when it comes to new features, Apple has increased its average cost of the flagship by more than $ 350, from $ 749 to $ 999.

Photo of Nilay Patel / The Verge

The company found last year with iPhone X that customers would be willing to pay not for meaningful new features but for design and aesthetic improvements. So it started using higher quality materials, such as OLED displays and glass sheets, and increased available storage levels. This year, you can get an iPhone XS Max with 512GB of storage for $ 1,449, making it the most expensive iPhone ever made, just like X was before it.

Granted, there are a number of customers who are likely to wait for the iPhone XR, which will no doubt be the highest quality and most functional package $ 749 smartphone company ever sold. (Preorders for XR will not open until next month, as Apple is working out of the supply chain and production links.) It's an argument that XR is the more interesting, mass-market and potentially successful phone for the three, but we will not know it later this year.

As it stands today, Apple's flagship phone is the least exciting device it has been laying out for a long time, and it's easy to see why it's getting dressed by Apple Watch. What started as an underdog product arriving late at the portable stage, Apple Watch has since become not only the world's best-selling wearable, but the world's best-selling clock.

Apple has achieved it by continuously improving hardware and software with every new annual iteration. In the same way as the iPhone times, each new Apple Watch gives something exciting and legitimate impressive, from the water resistance of the Series 2 to the cellular connection to the Series 3. Now, Apple has a series of buildings built -I ECG scanner and the first hardware overhaul The time has been since the start.

It will be a time when Apple Watch, like the iPhone, becomes a stagnant product that only becomes more exorbitant and expensive. Ironically, Apple's very first Apple Watch contained a series of now-expired models as expensive as $ 17,000. So there is quite a lot of space for the company to expand its smartwatch brand and expand it back to the luxury market. But until then, we can expect quite a few years of new innovations and design overhaul.

Maybe Apple overrides technical and design barriers to making a round-shaped Apple Watch. Perhaps the company shows how battery operation should be extended by more than 24 hours. There are countless ways Apple Watch can improve and reach a more mass market audience. But one thing is for sure right now: with Series 4 out in nature, it's probably a more refreshing time to develop the next Apple Watch than the next iPhone, and customers seem to react visibly at that shift.

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