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Apple Watch Diary: The two things that can sell me on an Apple Watch Series 4

Today we have seen an unexpected sign that we are coming closer to some new Apple Watch models: New model numbers are registered in a Eurasian database. Nevertheless, the new bells will be announced in September, as well as this year's iPhones.

Although I went from being a smart clock skeptic to not being without my Apple Watch, I'd still say that it's not a product I get excited about. A new Mac or iPad, yes. A new iPhone, something less – even though the iPhone X was a clear exception. But the clock, not so much.

Apple Watch is very much an utilitarian product for me. I'm very happy that it's there, but I'm doing nothing more than watching it while using it …


I've talked earlier about the four things I do with my Apple Watch:

  • View information in the complications
  • View alerts
  • Pay for things with Apple Pay
  • Use Siri (one of a moment)
  • The first three of these things are very basic and my original Series 0 -watch would still have done these things perfectly well. I saw no need to upgrade to series 1 or 2.

    Siri was the reason I upgraded to Series 3. My colleague Zac reported "dramatically improved" Siri performance, with a virtual end to the annoying I will press you when I'm ready messages, and the voice feedback was also a valuable benefit.

    We first heard what we could expect from Series 4 last month when Ming-Chi Kuo suggested that this year's models will have bigger screens. In particular, he suggests that the 42mm model I own would see that the screen size increases from 1.5 inches to 1.78 inches – and we guess what means less objections, and thus no increase in the clock's external dimensions.

    A 15% increase in screen size is quite significant. I found that the difference in screen size between 9.7 inches and 10.5 inches iPad made a surprisingly big difference to the experience, so it's quite possible that the same can be true here. With a larger clock there are three possibilities.

    Firstly, Apple can only increase the size of the text so everything is easier to read in a moment. What in itself may be worth, given how much of my use it is just to look at the clock. Secondly, Apple may allow more characters in text fields, such as displaying more of an upcoming deal. It can also be useful. Third, and probably least likely, may allow more complications. If that did, I would be sold right away.

    The second almost guaranteed thing about the Series 4 is that it will provide better performance over the Series 3. How much of a difference will this make remaining to be seen, but to me it is about Siri.

    I do not get it often I'm giggling you when I'm ready message, but it still happens sometimes. And it's usually a significant delay after giving a command for something like starting a timer or turning on a light. If the performance increase is enough to be remarkable, it may be the other things that can sell it to me.

    There is an exciting thing about the new model numbers: there are fewer than expected. Allow in two sizes, there are three models of each instead of four. One possibility we wondered is whether Apple this year can provide LTE capabilities to all the bells.

    There's nothing relevant to me – I do not tend to go anywhere without my phone, but if the LTE award comes in the same way as the GPS model, which can prove to be a strong upgrade too many.

    So I check out the new time when they hit my local Apple Store. If size and performance are both especially better, I will upgrade; otherwise not. The performance / cost imbalance will again be affected by the fact that I will be able to sell my Series 3 for at least half of the price.

    What about you?

    Ben Geskin

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