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Apple Watch CEO Kevin Lynch will work with Apple Car Development

Kevin Lynch, who is well known in Apple for overseeing the work on the Apple Watch, will take on a role leading the development of the Apple Car, reports Business Insider.

Apple car icon has blue-green
Several sources in Apple told Business Insider that Apple has been asked to help lead the ‌Apple Car‌ project, which has undergone several management shifts over the years.

Right now, the development of Apple Car‌ is being monitored by John Giannandrea, Apple’s head of AI and machine learning, who took over from Bob Mansfield after Mansfield retired in 2020. Rumors of Apple Car‌ have suggested that management issues and internal strife have affected the project. perhaps no surprise given how massive it is.

Before Apple Watch was fulfilled, Lynch worked at Adobe and helped create Creative Cloud, plus he has worked with Apple’s healthcare strategy team, so he has a diverse background. Business Insider says his title will not change and he will continue to be involved in both Apple Watch and Apple’s healthcare initiatives, but he is retiring from Jeff Williams’ healthcare staff and will be replaced by Health Software Technology Director Evan Doll on that team.

Apple is now in a stage where they buy components, talk to suppliers and make agreements with production partners for ‌Apple Car‌, which requires more practical help from experienced managers within Apple.

Work on an “Apple Car” is still in its early stages, and several sources have said that a finished self-driving vehicle can be released sometime between 2025 and 2028. We have more about the development of the “Apple Car” in our Apple Car Roundup.

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