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Apple says the iPhone XR is the company's top-selling iPhone model – BGR

Apple executives over the past few years have warned us not to pay attention to mysterious supply chain rumors regarding iPhone production cuts: they're often dead-wrong. Over de afgelopen paar weken hebben we een aantal rapporten aangetoond dat iPhone XR sales hebben been onderwhelming. In feite, veel van deze rapporten hebben relayed dat de iPhone XR-vraag zo laag is dat Apple onlangs was gedwongen om te schalen terugproductie.

In de verwerking zijn beleggers vrijwel bearish op Apple-aandelen, om de toekomstige vooruitzichten van de company. In just a matter of a few weeks, Apple's stock price went from trading at around $ 231 a share all the way down to about $ 172 a share. doom and gloom stories surrounding Apple's fall from grace have been way out of the mark. Of course, for anyone who has followed Apple over the years can attest, this scenario seems to play out consistently every single year.

Addressing reports that the iPhone XR is a dud, Apple took something of a rare step today and revealed that iPhone XR sales are actually quite robust. During an interview with CNET Apple executive Greg Joswiak explained that the iPhone XR has been our most popular iPhone every day since the day it became available. "

So not only is the iPhone XR Doing well, it's been Apple's most popular iPhone model for more than four weeks running. Clearly, Apple was feeling the heat from the onslaught of negative stories about iPhone XR sales, and with the stock price tumbling, the company probably felt the need to step up and clear the air.

Hvad angår hvor mange iPhone XR enheder Apple is selling, well, Apple has never disclosed sales for any one individual model. Further, Apple recently said that it would not reveal unit sales for the iPhone. In other words, we will not really have any way to gauge how iPhone unit sales are doing given that analyst reports and supply chain rumors have proven to be anything but reliable and accurate.

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