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Apple removes over 700 apps from the Chinese App Store

A pple has removed hundreds of iPhone apps from the App Store in China, in the company's recent breakdown in one of its largest markets.

More than 700 apps have been removed from the Chinese App Store in recent times, according to local reports. They include programs developed by Sogou, a Chinese alternative to Google and Pinduodo, an online store for online store.

The apps have been banned to prevent App Store rules prohibiting companies from installing software updates on their apps without Apple's permission. It is understood.

Apple requires that app updates, such as new features or security enhancements, be downloaded via the App Store itself, allowing the company to approve them.

The company warned developers of the new rule two years ago, but seems to have removed the Chinese apps this week.

It marks the latest in an attempt by Apple to enforce greater control over the Chinese App Store, which is believed to be the company's largest source of app income. In August, the company deleted thousands of apps, including gambling apps, to violate its rules.

Chinese state media have previously demanded that Apple control the App Store in China more efficiently. The service is the only foreign app store available in the country where the Google Play Store is banned.

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