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Apple seems to have an upgrade problem and a new solution to try to lure upgrades.

With concerns about iPhone demanding slows and reports Apple vendors save revenue, Apple has set up its trading entry for older iPhones for those who want to upgrade to its latest XR, XS and XS Max models with its GiveBack program.

The new values, extending to devices ranging from iPhone 6 and 6 Plus all the way to last year's iPhone 8, can net you anywhere between $ 150 for a 6 and $ 200 for a 6 Plus to $ 300 for a 7 Plus or an 8, provided your phone is in good condition. For reference, before this boost, Apple offered only $ 75 for an iPhone 6 and $ 100 for a 6 Plus.

iPhone 8 Plus and X do not receive increases in their $ 350 and $ 500 deposit values, respectively.

You will need to purchase a new iPhone during the purchase process to qualify for the increased value. If you do not purchase a new phone, you get the previous value in the form of an Apple Store gift card.

Starting $ 749 for 64GB XR, $ 999 for 64GB XS and $ 1,099 for 64GB XS Max, provides extra credit quickly for great savings on a new phone, especially for those on older 6 and 6S devices. But there are some things to keep in mind.

If you are planning to pay the full price of the new phone, good news: After you've traded your old iPhone – and Apple confirms that it's actually in the state you claimed – Apple will refund your credit card value of the deal.

The process works online or in an Apple Store, but the credit is used faster in a store where you can shop in the old phone directly in contrast to the shipping. Those who shop through a store will see the money back to their credit card accounts in three to five business days, while online purchases will take a few weeks as Brightstar, Apple's partner for purchasing, has to evaluate it.

If you want to pay the new phone on a carrier's monthly installment plan or through one of Apple's iPhone payment plans, you will have a sign-in value to cover taxes and fees for the new phone, with the difference being returned to you in the form of an Apple gift card Big.

Since this is an Apple Store gift card, and the monthly payment processors are not Apple, but either a carrier or a third party company that Apple uses, you have won. It is not possible to pay down the deductions using the gift card.

If you have other items you plan to purchase from the Apple Store, such as AirPods, this gift card will still be useful. But those who are looking for a discount and do not want to spend hundreds of dollars immediately, still have to look elsewhere for a better deal.

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