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Apple offers employees paid free time to be vaccinated

To encourage employees to get the COVID-19 vaccine, Apple offers paid free vaccination agreements and paid sick leave for those who experience side effects, reports Bloomberg.

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Apple does not have its own supply of vaccines and does not provide shots to workers, so employees will be required to receive vaccines through the state’s medical facilities.

Since this spring, Apple’s campuses in Cupertino, California and other cities have been largely closed, and most employees work from home. Stores around the world were also closed most of the year.

Vaccines will accelerate Apple’s reopening of campus and will get employees to work earlier. Apple CEO Tim Cook said in an interview in March that he “can not wait” for employees to return to personal work. Cook said people need to be together because you can not plan collaboration and innovation.

“Innovation is not always a planned activity. It collides during the day and promotes an idea you just had. And you really need to be together to do it.”

Cook in March said that Apple did not have a fixed return on working dates for employees, but in California, where Apple’s two main campuses are located, all people over the age of 16 will be eligible to be vaccinated from April 15. Cook last year told staff that employees could return to campuses as early as June.

Store employees have returned to work as all Apple Stores in the US have reopened since March 1, but many corporate employees still work from home.

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