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Apple lowers prices on AppleCare + plans for M1 MacBook Air and MacBook Pro

Apple today lowered the prices of AppleCare + plans for the MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro models equipped with the M1 chip. The coverage offered by the plans, as well as damages for unintentional damage, appears to be unchanged.

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In the US, AppleCare + for the MacBook Air now costs $ 199, down from $ 249. The new price applies to both M1 and Intel-based MacBook Air models, although Apple no longer sells the Intel-based model directly.

For the 13-inch MacBook Pro, Apple has split AppleCare + into two separate plans for M1 and Intel-based models, with prices for the M1 model lowered to $ 249, down from $ 269. In particular, the price of AppleCare + for the Intel- based 13-inch MacBook Pro $ 269, so customers who choose the Apple Silicon model now get a small discount.

The new lower prices are also available in other countries we have checked, such as Canada, with discounts that vary based on local currency.

Customers who have recently purchased AppleCare + for one of the affected MacBook models can contact Apple Support for assistance in canceling the current AppleCare + plan and purchasing a new one at a lower price, according to information from MacRumors, but Apple did not provide a qualification deadline.

AppleCare + for Mac provides up to two accidental damage events every 12 months, each with a $ 99 service charge for screen damage or remote damage, or $ 299 for other damage. AppleCare + also provides 24/7 priority access to Apple’s technical support representatives via chat or phone.

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