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Apple is reportedly planning a March 16 event for the new iPad Pro, iPad mini, AirTags

Apple is planning a March 16 event with new iPad Pro, iPad mini and AirTags

Expect big and small iPad models at the Apple March event.
Graphics: Cult of Mac

iPad fans should mark March 1

6 on the calendars. Apple will reportedly unveil faster iPad Pro models, a significantly redesigned iPad mini and AirTags tracking trackers at an event on that date.

Previous leaks have already leaked many details about these upcoming devices. Now Korea Economic Daily News reports that Apple will take care of these products on March 16. This is expected to be a virtual event broadcast to the public.

The publication’s sources are just Twitter posts, but this is at least a reasonable guess. For example, Apple unveiled the iPad Pro series in 2020 on March 18. That said, similar incidents came later on the calendar in previous years. In 2019, the date was March 25. In 2018, Apple chose March 27th.

New iPads at the Apple March Event. And AirTags.

The highlight of the Apple March event will almost certainly be the iPad Pro series from 2021. Many sources say that these tablets will come that month.

This is not expected to be a complete redesign. However, the upgraded tablet may have a mini-LED screen, which enhances the screen image. And the series will likely include the first 5G iPad. The tablets can also come with extra built-in magnets for new accessories.

Fans of smaller tablets should keep an eye on the iPad mini 2020, which may be undergoing dramatic changes. Screen frames can shrink significantly, reportedly so that the screen can increase to more than 9 inches.

One more thing at the end of the Apple March event could be AirTags. Rumors of these product traces have been circulating since 2019, but they may finally be about to be launched. Apparently you will be able to attach an AirTag to a keychain or purse, and an iPhone will easily track the device if it is misplaced.

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