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Apple is reportedly mumbling robust smartwatches coming as soon as this year

Apple is discussing internally releasing a rugged version of the Apple Watch designed for use in “extreme environments”, according to a new report in Bloomberg. The company should have considered a release later this year, or 2022. If it was released, the watch could offer similar core functionality to the regular Apple Watch, but with a more robust construction such as a rubberized exterior. The report also notes that Apple is planning new swim tracking features for the watches.

Although the company’s existing watches are already popular for training tracking, and are water repellent up to 50 meters, they are not considered durable enough for extreme sports such as water skiing without extra protection. This has enabled other smartwatch companies such as Suunto and Garmin to gain a foothold in the market with more specialized devices.

According to Bloomberg, Apple has considered releasing a more robust version of the Apple Watch at least once before, following the release of the original model back in 201

5. But the plans never made it a consumer device, and there is every chance that the current plans may end up. being canceled or delayed. If released, however, the new rugged model will be offered alongside the traditional Apple Watch models, similar to the low-end Apple Watch SE the company released last year.

Apple tends to release new smartwatches in the second half of the year. In addition to the Apple Watch SE, the company last year released the Apple Watch Series 6. However, the improvements were so iterative that we did not think it was worth upgrading for anyone who already owns a Series 4 or Series 5 watch. A robust version can meanwhile offer a much greater reason to upgrade.

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