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Apple is adopting the next generation RCS text standard

As Android and mobile operators plan to adopt the next-generation RCS caption, Apple appears to be one of the only remaining holdouts.

Verizon announced on Tuesday that it would adopt the Rich Communications Service (RCS) standard from 2021 and join AT&T and T-Mobile. It marks the last step towards replacing SMS with RCS on Android.

Which The Verge points out, Apple has not yet announced any plans or interest in adopting RCS support for the iPhone.

Through iMessage, Apple users have long enjoyed the features that RCS offers to Android owners. Probably because of that, Apple has been absent in talks to adopt RCS.

What this really means is that both Android and iPhone users will be able to take advantage of rich texting features and end-to-end encryption, just not when sending messages with each other. If an Android user notifies an Apple user, or vice versa, the text defaults back to SMS, which is not end-to-end encrypted and has no enhanced text features.

However, with Google’s Android and all three major US carriers adopting the RCS standard, Apple may be more interested in bringing support for the next-generation text standard to its iPhone.

It probably won’t replace iMessage, but RCS adoption can make communication between Android and iPhone users more feature-rich and secure.

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