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Apple iPhone XS looks very good, but iPhone you already have is feeling completely new – BGR

Apple has changed things a bit in recent years, but there are some patterns we can always trust. At the heart of Apple's cyclical tendencies is a late summer iPhone release, of course, which is timely perfect before the holiday in the shopping period. And the time of the year's new iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR releases is particularly brilliant. IPhone XS and XS Max launches on schedule next Friday, but iPhone XR will not be released before the end of October. Perhaps the hidden release plan is actually due to production issues, as it had been rumored. Or maybe Apple executives are clear enough to know that many previous adopters who want the latest iPhones as soon as they are available will choose a ridiculously expensive XS or XS Max model now, as opposed to waiting for the affordable iPhone XR next month.

Before upgrading to any phone, however, it is important that you consider: iPhone you already have in your pocket right now is about to feel completely new.

Top smartphone makers have apparently banded together and decided that 201

8 is the year of boring upgrades.

Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 + could not be more boring. They look just like last year's models and have no convincing new features whatsoever. Spoiler Alert: They are about to become Samsung's worst selling Galaxy S phones since 2012. Galaxy Note 9 is not much better, even though it includes a new Bluetooth-enabled S-pen and a much larger battery.

Now Apple's new iPhone XS is here and it's by far the smallest annual upgrade we've ever seen. Performance in benchmark tests hardly fails last year's iPhone X and iPhone 8, and there are no exciting new features to be excited about. It's a first for an "S" upgrade, since Apple usually makes up for reusing the same hardware design by introducing innovative and exciting new features like Siri, Touch ID and 3D Touch. The new iPhone XS has nothing like that.

The major change in 2018 is a larger version of the phone with a 6.5-inch OLED screen called the iPhone XS Max. It starts at $ 1100 and climbs well over $ 1500 after tax for the 512GB model. It does not provide any new innovations, but it has a much larger screen than the 5.8 inch iPhone XS.

For people who already have an iPhone X, there's hardly any reason to upgrade to an iPhone XS. If you want a larger screen, the iPhone XS Max is a nice upgrade. Otherwise, the performance and camera enhancements in iPhone XS certainly do not guarantee to spend as much as $ 1400 to upgrade.

(Complete disclosure: I currently own an iPhone X and I pre-ordered an iPhone XS. Having the best available smartphones is part of my job and Apple's 5.8-inch phones are the perfect size for me. would not mind having a wider display but I have no interest in returning to a phone that is basically as big as Apple's earlier Plus models, which is too big for most to use comfortably with one hand. )

If you have a phone other than an iPhone X – and it includes iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus – the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are phenomenal upgrades. Nevertheless, you may have to wait before pulling the trigger on a pre-order. Why? Because Apple's new iOS 12 software will be released to the public early next week, and it's going to make the phone feel brand new.

The problems with iOS 11, nevertheless, Apple's iOS updates always make the phones feel fresh and new to a degree, but iOS 12 is another animal entirely. Because of all the issues Apple had with iOS 11, iOS 12 focuses primarily on improving performance as opposed to flashy new features. And believe me when I tell you it succeeds. The upgrade from iOS 11 to iOS 12 is incredible, with speed and overall performance improvements that will blow you away. After the first reindexing and background cleanup is done, which can take up to one day, you'll be shocked at how much smoother your iPhone is running.

But wait, it's more … your battery life will also be better! IOS 12 has many optimizations that provide better utilization of resources. And the best part is that there is not a single iPhone model outdated by iOS 12. In other words, if you have an iPhone that can run iOS 11, it's also compatible with iOS 12. Even iPhone 5s from 2013 can run iOS 12.

Since iPhone XS is about performance improvements and has no innovative new features at all, it's nothing nearly as attractive as other new iPhones. If you have been waiting for a phone with iPhone Xs design and a larger screen, then of course, the iPhone XS Max is a completely different story. If not, I will install iOS 12 on your current iPhone next week and take it for a few days. You will be shocked at how great it is.

Image Source: Apple Inc.

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