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Apple hints at upcoming iOS 14.5 release and possibly a 5G iPad Pro (2021)

The iOS 14.5 update will be very special for Apple iPhone users. With the release of the Transparency feature for apps, by default, third-party apps will not track iPhone users for the purpose of sending them ads online. Those who want to continue receiving these ads can do so by choosing to let these apps continue to track them. According to ArsTechnica, Apple has rejected new app submissions calling the fingerprint scanner on the phone to track the user.

Both iPhone and iPad users are eagerly awaiting updates to iOS and iPadOS 14.5

This would strongly suggest that the release of iOS 1
4.5 is imminent along with the introduction of some new hardware, including the new iPad Pro (2021) series. A copy of the letter that Apple sends to developers whose app submissions were rejected contains a huge hint. Citation Guideline 5.1.2 – Legal – Privacy – Data Use and Sharing, Apple’s letter stated: “We found in our review that your app collects user and device information to create a unique identifier for the user’s devices. “is in violation of the Apple Developer Program License Agreement and is not appropriate for the App Store.”
In other words, apps are now rejected for the same reason that they will be when the app tracking transparency feature takes effect. When you look at things that way, it really makes sense to think that iOS 14.5 and some new hardware are just days away from being introduced. Perhaps the most exciting feature of iOS 14.5 is the one that allows users to unlock the iPhone, even if a face mask blocks Face ID from confirming the user’s identity.
Ever since the pandemic began to wreak havoc on those in the states, Apple has asked users to press the passwords to unlock iPhones. But this is not always easy to do at the moment, and you end up crawling and possibly even dropping the handset. However, once iOS 14.5 is installed, an iPhone user with an unlocked Apple Watch can use the watch to verify their identity and unlock the phone automatically. This is a shortcut that many iPhone owners have been eagerly waiting to see.

The update to iOS 14.5 will include vocal tweaks for Siri, and more than 200 new emoji will come to the iPhone this way. In addition, iOS 14.5 adds support for the PlayStation 5 controller and Xbox Series X / S controllers. Once iOS 14.5 is installed on the iPhone, it will prompt the user to select a default voice for Siri. There are four American varieties:

Voice 1 – a soft-spoken male voice
Voice 2- an energetic, confident female sound
Voice 3 is similar to Voice 2, but sounds masculine,
and finally, Voice 4, which sounds like the standard Siri voice that you know and love.

You can test these options by clicking on the options in the tweet below:

Some new hardware is also expected to be released soon. The iPad Pro (2021) is expected to be available with a 12.9-inch and an 11-inch screen. We could see Apple using on-screen mini-LED technology to help the device deliver sharper images. Whether the new slates support 5G connectivity is still unknown, but it is expected to be equipped with a new 5nm chip, the A14X Bionic, which is as powerful as Apple’s new M1 chip designed for its Mac series. The M1 has 16 billion transistors that make it powerful and energy efficient.

The iOS 14.5 update and the new iPad Pro can come at any time from the beginning of next week, so check in with us often. The iPad had a very strong year in 2020, and we could see this continue during 2021 and perhaps extend to 2022. Older iPad models can also receive a similar update to iPadOS 14.5.

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