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Apple exec thoroughly reviews Mac shortcuts in the ‘Mac Power Users’ podcast interview

Apple this week introduced macOS Monterey at WWDC, and it brings a number of new features to Mac users. One of the most anticipated changes is that the shortcut automation app is now available on Mac. In a new interview on Relay FM Mac Power users podcast, Apple’s Vivek Bhardwaj talked in more detail about Mac shortcuts and how it integrates with other Mac automation tools such as Automator.

In the interview, Bhardwaj, who works with product marketing for iOS, iPadOS and macOS at Apple, explained why this marked the year that Apple decided to officially bring shortcuts to the Mac:

“We have been working towards this for some time. When we first launched shortcuts, and it was powerful to bring it on iPhone and iPad, it was a great opportunity for all of us to get great feedback. These are devices you have with you everywhere, and automation on these platforms did not really exist before shortcuts. So it was a great opportunity to test it, bring it out there and work closely with the developer̵

7;s ecosystem, get them excited about all the different shortcuts they can build. And really take it home to your Mac.

I think we learned a lot, we took a lot of feedback, and we are now building on this really, very strong foundation. So we feel this is just the right time to really take shortcuts to Mac. “

One of the highlights of Mac shortcuts is the deep integration the app has with the rest of the macOS experience. This was something Apple aimed to achieve from the beginning, Bhardwaj explains in the interview:

“It’s one of the things we at Apple put a lot of emphasis on, that kind of deep integration. We’re not just building an app for Mac’s sake. This is about integrating it deeply into the operating system. Some of my favorites actually show up in Finder based on the files and things you watch. It’s just such a Mac thing, and feels so at home. Same with the menu bar.

I think deep integration was really something we knew would be a really compelling experience for users. I think it’s also one of the things that helps build knowledge. “

You can listen to the entire interview on Mac power users, which is available on the Relay FM website right here. The interview contains lots of details about how shortcuts will be integrated with Automator, more information about the “multi-year transition” to Shortcuts on Mac and more.

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