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Apple employees are threatening to quit as the company takes a hard line on teleworking

Apple employees claim that the company is not starting to plan to introduce a hybrid work model for business workers, and in some cases denies exemptions from the home, including accommodation covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Citing an internal slack thread, The Verge reports Apple employees are threatening to quit because of what they perceive as overly strict rules regarding external labor policies.

In June, Apple announced a hybrid work plan that would allow employees to return to the office three days a week from September, a shift to normal business operations after the pandemic forced a long period away from home. Days later, participants participated in what is believed to be the same external work initiative Slack channel quoted by The Verge asked for more flexibility and said that working from home provides a number of benefits, including greater diversity and inclusion in storage and employment, tearing down existing communication barriers, better work-life balance, better integration of existing remote / place-flexible workers, and reduced proliferation of pathogens.

That request was denied. In a video for employees at the end of last month, Director of Retail and People Deirdre O’Brien responded to the company’s line on teleworking policy, saying: “We believe that personal collaboration is important for our culture and our future. If we take a moment to reflect on our incredible product launches over the past year, the products and launch drive were built on the basis of many years of work that we did when we were all together in person. ”

Apple’s corporate ideology has long argued that employee engagement is an important ingredient in innovation. The late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was such a proponent of philosophy that he helped design Apple Park’s main building – effectively a large ring – to facilitate serendipitous encounters.

With plans to adopt the hybrid model in the future, employees now claim that Apple denies exceptions to the rule it once allowed. For example, an unnamed employee who is currently allowed to work at home through an ADA accommodation said that Apple will deny the exception in September.

“I’m coming out of work in September,” wrote the person in the Slack channel, which now has around 6,000 members.

Apple will apparently make exceptions for people with documented medical conditions, but acquiring accommodation allegedly requires employees to confirm their status by handing over medical records to the company. The requirement made some people uncomfortable, the report says.

Employees are now discussing how they can best respond, whether it is through a new letter or legal action. Around 10 people plan to retire or know others who want to retire due to the hybrid policy, the report states.

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