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Apparently, enough people bought Samsung's last 18-inch tablet that it's a new one – BGR

Samsung apparently works with another giant Galaxy View Android tablet, this is a 17-inch Galaxy View 2.

The Android police are out with a report today citing a source familiar with plans for the sequel to the 18.4-inch Galaxy View board, as it basically resembles a giant portable display with a full operating system that's so phat it comes complete with a handle. You should also let the former model, such as a laptop, use a power adapter.

"This new Galaxy View 2," Android Police reports "is a bit more compact and practical according to our source. For one, charging will happen via USB-C, and instead of a large handles, View 2 will use a bookcase hanger as a stand.

"It can be set up in two basic configurations: in the" closed "position, the hinged (which is the full size of the tablet itself) will allow you to use the Galaxy View 2 a bit like a recording desk, with the tablet angled around thirty degrees upwards for easier viewing. In open or deployed position, the hinge works like a tripod that holds the screen upright (ie like a laptop) to watch video. "

The report continues to add that the hinge and the stand, at least according to this source, can not be removed.

Sources also tell Android Police it will use an Exynos processor and sport a 1

080p screen that measures around 17.5 inches. It also comes with 3GB of memory and runs Android Oreo with a Samsung skin.

The tablet will be sold through AT & T, and this report makes it look like View 2 will not be placed as a kind of PC replacement, but more like just another device for media consumption. "In other words," Android Police ", like a touch-enabled kitchen TV, or a way to bring live sports streams to the backyard – not like a mobile workstation. This seems even more likely given AT & Ts involvement, which means you can expect many DirecTV upsells to come along with it. "

There have been no details about pricing or when it can be released. If history is some guidance, October may be an option since it was the previous Galaxy View model launched in 2015.

Image Source: Samsung

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