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Apex Legends Season 10 World Edge Map Changes: Train Yard, Sorting Factory and more

World’s Edge is ready for a major update in Apex Legends season 10: Emergence, with a few popular locations to be overtaken in the new crop of map changes.

When Respawn Entertainment dropped a new seasonal update for Apex Legends, it gives everyone the opportunity to reset, learn the new legend, pick up the new weapon and start exploring map changes.

In Season 10: Emergence, the new legend is confirmed as Seer, players will be able to use a new LMG in the form of Rampage LMG, and World’s Edge seems to be a major cleanup, instead of getting a brand new map.

The changes in Battle Royale’s second map are already teased in the game with screens that show warning signs, and that it sounds noisy on the screens for loading the game.

mining rig on the edge of the world Apex Legends map
Respawn Entertainment

There seem to be some secrets hiding under the edge of the world.

Train Yard

As we already know, the three largest affected areas in the World’s Edge are set to be the train yard, refinery and sorting factory.

Train Yard has of course become known for battles that take place across different heights. You can easily sit in one of the hanging bellows over the garden and pick up enemies from below, and vice versa.

However, it seems to be coming to an end with Train Yard which is more like a scraper in the new season 10 screen.

Train Yard and Apex Legends season 10
Respawn / EA

Train Yard is set to see some drastic changes.

Sorting factory

When it comes to sorting factory, there is another place where players love to land for matches right off the bat.

Though, as leaks Shrugtal points out, the spot appearance has pretty much sunk into the lava and now has a tram system, apparently to help players quickly get over the lava pit.

Refinery change and more snow

When it comes to refining, while the warning signs have pointed to destruction beyond that, there are no screenshots of what it will look like when the changes are implanted.

Still, it seems that what is taking place, there will be more snowfall over the map, just as it is near the refinery. This is something that devs have alluded to in recent weeks.

Of course, even if these are set to be the prominent changes, there will probably be adjustments to other places as well.

When we know more, we will update this article so that you can get a complete picture of what has changed.

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