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Apex Legends’ next character is microdrone-wielding legend Seer • Eurogamer.net

Respawn has released a new Stories from the Outlands video, and this is about a new character Seer: a cursed legend with microdrones and a very cool hat.

Metamorphosis tells the story of Seer’s childhood, explaining that “a bad omen cast a shadow” over his birth, and that his gaze “can turn a mountain into dust, a king into a beggar, and a sea into a desert.” It’s a fantastic video, and if you’re wondering why the art style looks familiar, it’s because the trailer was made in collaboration with animator Robert Valley, who is known for the series Love, Death and Robots.

Apex Legends Stories from the Outlands: Metamorphosis

The Apex Legends website provides a little more detail about the upcoming season, Emergence, and some additional snippets of information about Seer. Apparently Seer uses microdrones and has an “artist̵

7;s eye”, which allows him to “spot opportunities that other legends may miss, and seize them in the most beautiful way he can”. A new LMG called Rampage is also introduced next season, and it apparently has a “surprising” amount of firepower. The new season will also introduce the long-awaited ranked mode for arenas.

Ah, and it seems that the World’s Edge is in for some big changes – one picture on the website shows that Train Yard seems to have taken some damage.

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The timing of this video is not just coincidental: EA Play will take place later this week, and Respawn will reveal more about the new season during the event. You can tune in for it at 6pm UK time this Thursday.

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