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Apex Legends dev suggests that EVA-8 nerf come in the future

Apex Legends developers have suggested that changes be made to EVA-8 in the future to make it talk, as some players believe it is too strong.

With how big Apex Legends has become with both informal and competitive players, Respawn Entertainment has the enviable job of keeping everyone as happy as possible.

Sometimes they just want to change a legend or a weapon, and the whole meta gets a shake-up that can please one side but make the other furious.

One thing both sides can agree on, however, is that the EVA-8 has become an ugly weapon to use, and being on the wrong side of its power will bring you back to the lobby without victory.

Respawn Entertainment

Melee is where EVA-8 excels.

Players have been asking the shotgun to be nervous for quite some time now, and well, these calls have been heard by Respawn, but nothing changes overnight.

Speaking on the Apex Uncut podcast, Associate Live Balance Designer John ‘JayBiebs’ Larson agreed that the weapon is “strong” and on the way to change.

“We hit it, and we say ‘hey, use those freaking EVA-8 guys, try something other than a Mastiff’ and see how it goes,” said the dev, noting that the first buff was trying to change meta. “But yes, I will not be surprised to see something for it in the future.”

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JayBiebs did not touch on specific changes, but it seems that a nerf of some kind will come in a future update.

He also touched on potential changes coming to ranked games and how Respawn has explored adding various highly sought after ideas from players. Although they are also some distance away.

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