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Apex Legends adds Warzone-like map feature in season 10

Apex Legends’ World Edge is going to undergo some pretty significant changes in season 10, and some eagle-eyed fans have discovered what appear to be cable cars.

With the current Apex Legends season coming to an end, many of the game’s players are looking forward to season 10: Emergence.

While the new legend (viewer) and Rampage LMG will headline the latest update, Respawn also gave fans an insight into a number of map changes coming to the edge of the world. In fact, we already know that Train Yard, Refinery, and Sorting Factory will all receive some major adjustments.

Although the details have been rather scarce, it has not stopped eagle eye fans from diving into current footage and official screenshots. One of the most exciting additions to the World̵

7;s Edge seems to be the introduction of cable cars.

These new features can drastically disrupt the way players cross the environment, while adding a layer of verticality to the matches.

Apex Legends cable cars discovered in season 10

As we mentioned earlier, Sorting Factory will receive many changes in season 10. If the early leaks from Shrugtal are to be assumed, this popular POI will be immersed in lava. This obviously makes it quite difficult for players to navigate when looking for prey or fighting enemy troops.

To make this area easier to navigate, it looks like Respawn has introduced a cable car system that players can use to safely cross the giant lava pool below. While we only have one screen to go off, there seem to be a total of two cable cars.

Players will probably need to clear it to access this new feature, especially since they will likely give troops a decent vantage point to radiate enemy players.

We will probably see the cable cars in action when Respawn releases the season 10 trailer, but for now the picture is all we have to get off.

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