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Any.do created a smart grocery list that suggests what to buy

Popular Doing Log Software Any.do now has a smart grocery store feature in the mobile app that you can share with friends and family to make shopping more efficient. Algorithms, of course, sort foods by category such as "fruits and vegetables" and "dairy and cheese" to stay away from visiting the same time twice. They will also suggest groceries based on previous items you have purchased. So if you always get a bread with some olive oil, Any.do will remind you the next time you shop.

While the feature was first rolled out on iOS three months ago and was discovered on Any.do's blog post, it comes to Android today and expands to all iOS devices. Any.do estimates that while only 30 percent of iOS users could access the feature before, the figure is 1

00 percent today.

You can add an unlimited number of smart groceries, and Any.do already works with Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant so you can add items using voice commands via various devices. Once you have the list, you can share it with others and synchronize the list of all shared members. I could see this to prevent situations where two roommates buy the same hand soap or where each person assumes the other bought the eggs so no one buys eggs.

The smart grocery list claims to help you save time, but these are all Tasks you can accomplish even with a little quick thinking and calculation, especially if you often shop daily and keep mental lists. There is a chance if these tools become too good that we just won't do any of these thoughts for ourselves. But given that Any.do does not yet have a way to tell the various productions of grocery stores yet – or find out where to go to buy your cheese, it's still not the fully automated grocery store experience.

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