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Anthem is better played with friends, says BioWare

As every always online game, Anthem will contain a history campaign that you can play on your own, but of course it will become a title you will enjoy with your friends most and foremost.

The confirmation has come in an interview with game director Jonathan Warner, who discussed the matter with VG247.com. Based on his words, we understand that the real Anthem will be what you want to play in the multiplayer component.


"The experience is different, but I do not feel like it's less," explains director Jonathan Warner.

"Personally, I've played it for a long time, and I feel that the real magic of the game is when you play with a group. Because then you can draw matches. When you see someone who zoker over your head in a colossus, it is a moment, "Oh, shit!". I love it. "

Anthem Releases for PC, PS4 and Xbox One February 22, 201


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