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Anker’s new pint of power station keeps your gadgets running

Anker’s new Powerhouse II 300 is a small, portable but powerful addition to the company’s power station. It is a convenient device to wear. It will keep your gadgets going if you end up offline, either due to a power outage or a camping trip.

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Powerhouse II 300: Small but fast

Anchor designed Powerhouse II 300 – which weighs about 10 pounds and runs about 10 inches x 6 inches x 6 inches in size – to charge small units.

The $ 359.99 Powerbank is designed to charge gadgets and appliances that are rated to receive 300 watts of power or less. Microwaves, toasters, hair dryers and electric cars are out. But iPhone, iPad, Apple laptops and various accessories will be good.

The power station comes with eight ports to connect a variety of devices. It includes a 60W USB-C port with Anker̵

7;s PowerIQ 3.0 technology to charge mobile devices quickly. Anker said you can charge a 2020 MacBook Air to 50% capacity in just over 40 minutes, or charge an iPhone 12 to half capacity in half an hour.

The device also has an electrical outlet, three USB-A ports, a car socket and two DC ports.

Easy to read

A large, clear LED panel shows the remaining battery capacity, current input and output status and estimated charging time.

The power station also has two built-in lights. One is an LED flashlight that you can set to low, full or SOS mode. The second is an ambient light with three intensity levels, so you can set the mood at your campsite.

Charges the power plant

Anker said the Powerhouse II 300 can charge a 2020 MacBook Air three to four times, an iPad Air seven times or a digital camera up to 16 times. But then the power house will need some power.

Anker noted that you can connect the included power adapter to the power station’s DC input port and a 60W Power Delivery wall charger (not included) to the USB-C port to fully charge the device in 4 hours and 20 minutes. It takes about 6.5 hours to charge with just the included power adapter.

The DC input port supports charging via solar panels – not included – so you can charge PowerHouse with sunlight for a real online experience. It also supports maximum power point tracking (MPPT) for efficient power transmission.

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