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Android TV sweeps some of Google TV’s best features

Android TV sweeps some of the best content discovery tools from the Google TV platform, including a watch list and more tweaked recommendations.

Beginning this week, Android TV users will be able to add titles to a watch list that fills out as a row in the Discover tab. To add movies and series to this section, users can either select “Watch List” from a title detail page or long press on a title from the Discover tab and select “Add Watch List.” In addition, users will be able to add shows to this section from other gadgets using Google search or using the Google TV mobile app.

Google TV also has the ability to refine which titles a user is recommended with a short swipe tool. This feature is now on its way to Android TV, so users can decide if they want to watch titles more or less like the one recommended. You can also find this tool in the Discover tab or in the settings by selecting Device settings, Home screen and then Content settings.

Android TV users can now swipe on content they want to watch more or less of.
Image: Google

Finally, trailers will be played automatically on detail pages if available. If this is not your thing, the feature can be turned off in the settings by navigating to Device settings and then Home screen under “Enable video preview.” The changes follow an earlier update of Android TV’s interface earlier this year. Like these latest features, the same Android TV experience made you feel more like the one you get with Google TV.

A spokesman said users will start watching these features appear on their Android TV interfaces starting this week.

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